In the beginning
was the word.

Concept, identity and total redesign for an elite Russian meat processing factory.


Not only the old design was weak,  it was not appealing to the customer. It had no name to call.


The taste proven in years. Unique and authentic. Vintage was one of our proposed product names.


As these sausages are handmade we handmade all the design accordingly so the product got its genuine appearance.


Since rebranded Vintage became very popular. Sales reached more than 40%.


Vintage line supported other products and helped to define the new direction in its brand portfolio.


Genuine, local, provincial. Focusing on taste.

Ask questions.
They matter more than answers.

With every project, the studio undergoes a complicated course from sketches to the consumer, while every design evolves and eliminates the excess. The best design is born through the synergy of ideas. It relies on the experience of both the client and the designer.